UK healthcare is changing rapidly, creating opportunities to deliver a wider range of services and better experiences for patients. We firmly believe that inspiring new premises can be the catalyst for positive change and impact in a community.

At Octopus Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being different. Why? We are more than investors. We are passionate about investing in healthcare that improves the delivery of patient care across the spectrum of UK healthcare service delivery. We are working with operators and the NHS to support investment for the now and the future demands of the growing, ageing population.

Patient care is at the heart of everything we do and we will only invest in and fund buildings and operators who share our values and are as obsessed with the patient experience as we are. Our flexible approach to working with our partners means we can provide funding to support delivery of more than just a building. We can work with operators to build businesses that will become market leading companies in the delivery of a better healthcare for the UK.

Our team has expertise across a wide range of projects, from primary care, care homes, retirement villages, housing with care and private hospitals.

Octopus Healthcare is the investment adviser to multiple healthcare funds including the MedicX Fund and MedicX Healthfund. We have invested over £1 billion in healthcare assets and want to work with like-minded partners to continue to grow and invest further funds to improve the UK’s healthcare infrastructure.

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Investment expertise

Octopus Healthcare has a long-standing commitment to investing in the future of the UK healthcare infrastructure. We look forward to working with people who share our philosophy and desire to make a difference with healthcare that will benefit the patient and the community.

Primary care investment

The MedicX Fund is a leading UK Investment fund established to invest in primary healthcare properties. The properties in the fund portfolio currently care for 2% of the UK population and are home to 2% of GPs in the UK. If you are looking for investment for a new primary care centre, you’ve come to the right place.

Elderly and specialist care

Established in 2010, the MedicX Healthfund invests in residential elderly care homes and specialist care environments. Working with best-in-class operators, we have not only helped fund new premium care properties, but have established long term relationships to be the capital partner of choice, supporting the growth of businesses.

Your long-term partner

We’re here for the long term and are different from other investment companies because we look to maintain relationships with you. As your investment partner, we will do all the hard work so you can focus on the day job and deliver care to your patients.