Do you have a passion to innovate in patient care?

Octopus Healthcare seeks to back the best new UK healthcare operators. We are looking to partner for the long term, and have a high benchmark for our partners.

We are seeking strong and ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams, with a track record of having “done it before”, growing and operating successful businesses at the highest level in their chosen healthcare sector. Our team has expertise across a wide range of projects, from primary care, care homes, retirement villages, housing with care and private hospitals.

We are obsessed with patient care and this sits at the heart of everything we do. We want to work with people who share this value and are equally driven by people and not profits. This is why our benchmark for partners is high but for you this means the rewards will be substantial.

Our promise is to work with you side-by-side, providing the funding and capital to grow your unique business. We will support you every step of the way to ensure your operation is exceptional and you become a market leader.

Octopus Healthcare takes operational excellence and a best-in-class approach to clinical matters very seriously. All of our partners have access to a wealth of support which provides a unique network of teams and knowledge. This will benefit you by helping you grow a market leading business.

We are already working with UK healthcare entrepreneurs to create great opportunities which will make a positive impact to the UK healthcare experience.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur or management team looking to grow your business to the next level in the UK healthcare marketplace, call the team to set up a meeting today.

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Long-term partnership

At Octopus Healthcare, when we say long-term, we mean it. We work with and support our partners to grow and maintain operational businesses for the future. That’s our promise to you. We will only invest in entrepreneurs who share this value and are with us for the long-haul.

Client focused

It’s all about you and your business. We trust you are experts in your field, this is why we are here to support you and provide enough space for you to grow your business as you want to.

You can dial down and dial up the help from the Octopus Healthcare Hub depending on where you’d like the involvement. Our focus is on you and doing everything we can to make your business a market leader.

Entrepreneurial investment

With access to multiple investment funds and expertise in capital raising, Octopus Healthcare takes an very different approach to funding. We have an innovative entrepreneurial approach to investing in your business, which means we can work with you to choose the best funding platform to help grow your business.

The Octopus Healthcare hub

Octopus Healthcare is more than just the money. We have created a unique Healthcare Hub for our partners to access, which offers an extensive network of expertise and clinical guidance. This ensures you are one step ahead on up-to-date knowledge and healthcare intelligence, to help inform your decision making process when it comes to your business.